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Yahoo soccer Tue, 09/07/2010 12:40 PM

Bills sign Corey McIntyre to two-year deal (The National Football Post)

The Buffalo Bills rewarded hard-working fullback Corey McIntyre, signing him to a two-year, $1.85 million... Read more...
ESPN Mon, 08/09/2010 11:27 AM

2010 NFL training camps: Corey McIntyre, Felton Huggins leave practice injured

Buffalo Bills fullback Corey McIntyre and backup receiver Felton Huggins have left practice because of injuries. Read more...
Bleacher Report Wed, 05/20/2009 11:04 AM

Will The Buffalo Bills Play In Canada Without a Backfield?

Its tougher to cross into Canada from the United States. Folks going fishing have been turned back by Border Guards if they have minor infractions with the law on their records. It's going to get tougher too. Which begs the question how is the NFL going to smuggle the Buffalo Bill's backfield across the border? Running back Marshawn Lynch has been charged with multiple crimes and has a criminal conviction for carrying an illegal lorded hand gun, while loaded himself of course. Bill's fullback Corey McIntyre was just charged with drunkenly fondling himself while staring through a women's window at night. Whispers of the net say the Bill boss men might be interesting in signing convicted felon Michael Vick to play quarterback. A team should consider whether Vick can pass through international borders before giving him a contract. What if the NFL moves the Super Bowl to Toronto in a few years and Vick can't make the trip? Pity the poor pooches that would suffer pain and woe for that wrong. The defense doesn't rest either as safety Ko Simpson was arrested for interfering with a police officer and captain and safety Donte Whitner was tasered and charged with aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. What is Ralph Wilson going to pay some rogue Mohawks to row his bad boys across Lake Ontario on a moon less midnight so they can sneak into Toronto? Buffalo Bill Cody, the teams namesake, was handy with a gun, but does that mean the Bill's backs should be packing pistols? Why not make it OJ Simpson in Canada Day and squeeze the juice free and take him along as a Bills mascot? Let the Juice go on the loose in Toronto. But does the NFL and the uber rich get an exception? Do they, as usual, get a free pass? Joe Fan can't go fishing for walleye in Canada because of a DUI a few years back, but bring on the Bills? A man with misdemeanor can't hunt a moose, but a man with a felony for sadistically murdering dogs gets a free pass to play pass and catch? Fair's fair, right? The NFL is on its high moral soap box in its epic battle with tiny Delaware over gambling on parlay cards at state racetracks, but it will cut a dark deal to bring its bad boys north? Some Bills fans with minor criminal records, lesser records, then some current Bill's players will be barred at the border, but the team will roll right in? What if the Cincinnati Bengals or Dallas Cowboys want to play overseas? What if the Bills or Jets sign PacMan Jones? I don't say ban the Bills, the border has become a bit of a bureaucratic overkill, but what's fair for the fisherman and the fans should be fair for the Bills. But maybe we should start paying attention to what the bureaucrats are doing at the border and why not use the Bills as an example? If Marshawn Lynch wanted to go fishing he wouldn't be allowed in, so should he be allowed in because he is bringing big bucks to Toronto? Do we exist until two sets of standards and laws? Joe Fan can't fish, but Lynch can run?     Read more...
Yahoo soccer Sat, 05/16/2009 1:19 PM

Bills FB McIntyre arrested, accused of sex act (AP)

Buffalo Bills fullback Corey McIntyre has been arrested in Florida on accusations he fondled himself outside a Port St. Lucie woman's home. The incident allegedly happened about two months ago, but the 29-year-old McIntyre was arrested Thursday and charged with exposing sexual organs. A spokesman for the Port St. Read more...
Yahoo soccer Tue, 03/03/2009 10:55 AM

Bills re-sign FB McIntyre (PA SportsTicker)

ORCHARD PARK, New York (Ticker) - The Buffalo Bills on Tuesday re-signed fullback Corey McIntyre. Read more...


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